Origin Energy Returns to Annual Profit

Origin Energy returned to an annual profit as prices of liquefied natural gas stayed strong and…

China Strikes Energy Deals as Its Clout Grows in Middle East

China has been buying oil and gas from the Middle East for years. Now, Chinese companies…

Fossil-Fuel Veterans Find Next Act With Green Hydrogen

Executives see parallels between the nascent industry and the early days of liquefied natural gas.

Europe’s Gas-Price Ceiling Already Shows Cracks

The area’s new price range manages to look both risky and pointless at the same time.

Liquefied Natural Gas Will Have a Less Frenzied 2023

Market heard on the street Europe’s needs will continue to be a key factor for the…

Australia’s Push to Invest More Responsibly Gets Reality Check

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German Facility, Built at Breakneck Speed, Accepts Gas Shipment From U.S.

The shipment arrived at the import terminal for liquefied natural gas in the port city of…

Japanese companies in Oman, U.S. signed natural-gas deals with

Japanese companies said they reached deals with Omani and US producers for medium to long-term supplies…

European energy ministers agree on emergency natural-gas price cap

world europe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised fuel prices across the continent, prompting emergency measures

Qatar warns Brussels bribery allegations could harm energy talks with Europe

world Persian Gulf kingdom one of Europe’s best hopes for weaning itself off Russian natural gas