US says neutrality put Delhi in Moscow camp; Recall Cable: Report

The US State Department has recalled a cable to US diplomats instructing them to inform counterparts in India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that their neutral position on Ukraine has placed them “in the Russian camp”;. , a US news outlet, Axios reported. on Thursday.

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The cable, sensitive but declassified, was sent on Monday to US embassies in about 50 countries represented on the UN Human Rights Council, but was recalled on Tuesday afternoon, Axios reported.

“The language in question was never intended for approval and the cable was accidentally dropped, which is why it was recalled,” a US State Department spokesman said on Wednesday.

“There was no reason to recall the investigation.”

US Embassy spokesperson in New Delhi said Indian Express On Thursday Night, “As” [US State Department] The cable contained foul language and was released in error, the spokesperson said.

The embassy spokesperson said, “The United States continues to engage with our allies in India and around the world to discuss the importance of a strong collective response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. India has expressed its deep appreciation for the situation in Ukraine.” expressed concern and reiterated its call for an immediate end to violence and an end to hostilities. are bound to respect the law and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the states.’

On Wednesday, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution – backed by 141 countries – “condemning” Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. While India refrained; The UAE voted for it.

Last week, India, the United Arab Emirates and China did not participate in a US-sponsored Security Council resolution condemning Moscow’s “aggression”. Russia eventually vetoed it. The decision to stay away from the United Arab Emirates was mainly due to frustration over the US response to the attack on Abu Dhabi six weeks ago.

The recalled cable suggested some clear language for US diplomats to try and persuade India and the UAE to change their position. “Continuing to call for dialogue, as you have been doing in the Security Council, is not an attitude of neutrality; it puts you in the ranks of Russia, the aggressor in this conflict,” according to the draft talking points in the cable, Indian and Emirati A template for negotiations with diplomats.

“We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to support Ukraine in the HRC” [Human Rights Council]An opportunity you failed to seize at UNSC.”