opinion | Poaching of Putin’s technical workers as an alternative to sanctions

As the war in Ukraine continues, Western leaders are struggling to find ways to undermine Russia, without risking escalation or harming themselves financially. But labor-market policy for Belarus offers a solution: issuing hassle-free techno-worker visas.

Poland̵7;s tech sector is booming that it is in dire need of workers. Many polls with technical experience are being snatched away by companies in Europe and even the US. The Polish government website offers an exceptionally favorable reception: “Are you an engineer or do you have experience in the IT sector? What? Are you considering relocating to Poland? We’ll help you fast-track the immigration process, allowing you to enter Poland with your family.” The welcome is part of a Polish-government launch last year, in which the country invited Belarusian technical experts to meet its demand for technical workers. When Visa was introduced, Poland was short of about 50,000 technical workers, a number expected to double in the next 10 years if nothing is done.