Japan, Netherlands agree to limit exports of chip-making equipment to China

Politics National Security The deal with the US comes at a time when President Biden wants…

US seeks Security Council allies against Russia

Mozambique, which became a non-permanent member this year, is being honored by the US

China’s fracas with a bookseller then follows it to Florida

ORLANDO, Fla.—Yu Miao built Shanghai’s Jiefeng Bookstore into a bastion of liberal thought until it became…

Western Nations Discuss Price Caps on Russian Oil Products

Politics West is preparing to impose caps on diesel and fuel oil

Russia seeks advantage in Ukraine before Western tanks arrive

Russian army moved in depth In Bakhmut, house-to-house visits have threatened Ukraine’s hold on the eastern…

Assad regime carried out 2018 chlorine attack in Syria, investigators say

The findings of an international chemical-weapons watchdog add to the evidence of Syrian government war crimes.

Janet Yellen warns South Africa against violating Russia’s sanctions

World Africa The Treasury Secretary’s warning comes after US officials raised concerns over the South African…

US, Israel send message to Iran with biggest ever military exercise

World Over 180,000 pounds of live ammunition were fired, and thousands of soldiers participated in the…

The new US base on Guam is aimed at intimidating China

The first new base for the Marines since 1952, Guam would eventually house 5,000 troops.

WSJ News Exclusive | US leans on Turkey to end Russian flights with US-made planes

Officials familiar with the talks said US officials are counting on Turkey to block Russian airlines…