Opinion | A Government Shutdown for Dummies

A band of malcontents refuses to support funding bills while accomplishing nothing.

The Score: Ford, Amazon, Target and More Stocks That Defined the Week

Here are some of the major companies whose stocks moved on the week’s news.

Pension Funds Go Cold on Private Equity

Long-term commitments look less appealing with bond yields up sharply.

UAW Expected to Expand Auto Strikes Friday

Union President Shawn Fain is scheduled to disclose new site targets for a third round of…

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Investors’ Bets on Mother Nature Are Paying Off Big

Thanks to turmoil in the insurance market and a repricing of risk, catastrophe bonds are earning…

WSJ News Exclusive | China Blocks Executive at U.S. Firm Kroll From Leaving the Mainland

A senior executive at American risk advisory firm Kroll has been barred from leaving mainland China.

Suicide Ignites Debate Over Protecting Teachers

In South Korea, the death of a first-grade teacher in an elite school district has fueled…

Tesla Is Accused of Racial Harassment at California Factory

The EEOC sued Elon Musk’s EV company, alleging Black employees were subjected to a hostile work…

Opinion | Biden’s Trend Line Points Downward

Voters don’t miss Trump, but they miss 2019, and they worry about crime, immigration and inflation.