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Gurgaon: Two startups on Monday launched a pilot run to ship pre-cooked meals to Cloud Kitchen outlets on Golf Course Highway, about 20 km from a warehouse in Farrukhnagar. The 5kg payload, which included frozen pizza, was transported by a multirotor drone to a cold area at -20°C and reached its destination in less than half an hour.
The Past Visible Line of Sight (BVLOS) trial will continue till the end of the month, with six flights scheduled each day over the permissible limits for drone operations, as mentioned.
CureFood, Cloud Kitchen tied up with Sky Air MobilitySaid that the ultimate objective was to use drones to send food to the doorstep of the buyer.
“The following is a huge factor in drone supply. Routine supply strategies are becoming costlier due to petrol prices and inflation. Additionally, highway congestion makes timely supply of products a problem,” noted Ankit KumarCEO of Sky Air.
The companies said that the new policy of the central government- Drone Guidelines, 2021- has given impetus to the {industry}.
“Government’s push to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) has inspired firms to line up and explore how drones can be helpful to them. We are where electric vehicles (EVs) were four to five years ago,” Kumar said.
Sky Air Mobility, which is offering and working on drones for test flights, conducted a trial in March this year for sending medical samples from Meerut in UP to Noida.
The CEO said they will examine data from earlier trial runs to assess the challenges they face before the flights become a reality.
Kumar said, “As an example, data factors on the way to preserve a refrigerant range at -20°C, which emerged as one of the many points during the delivery of medical samples, are being applied here, Kumar said.
Still, some advisors said it was necessary to give mood to the projections and recognize that an industry-wide take-off may still take time.
“Corporations are only doing trial runs. No business operations yet. There are real life issues that must be resolved for buyers to see the true potential of the drone {industry},” noted Agneswar Jayaprakash:Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace.

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