Man scans QR code for payment at wedding; Harsh Goenka praises ‘Digital India’

Digital payments have eased many lives. From going out without a wallet to roaming around freely sans fear of getting huge amounts of money snatched, our lives have changed thanks to digital payments.

Now, a video showing how online payment methods have changed Indian weddings has gone viral. Pompous Indian weddings often witness money being showered amid enthralling beats. This time, a QR code has replaced currency notes and a dhol was spotted with the code, intriguing netizens.

Watch the video here:

The video shared by Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, shows a man searching for QR code. People are seen making moves to dhol beats at the wedding. The man waves his mobile phone over the groom’s head, as one does with money and turns to the drum with a QR code. He is seen scanning the code and making a payment. Another man is heard saying in the background in Hindi, “This is very right, brother. Bought a new one from the market.”

“There was a time money was showered in our weddings. Now in digital India……” Goenka captioned the video. Netizens were intrigued by the QR code pasted on the musical instrument. A Twitter user commented, “Interesting. Magic of doing right things. People love to adopt newer things. Digital is playing its part convincingly. We need to swear that we will welcome all such initiatives meant to take us forward.” Another user wrote, “There was a time where a common man can carry cash… Now it’s a luxury…” A third user commented, “Next barcode will be pasted to the bridegroom Suit..”

In February, Raju Patel, a beggar from Bihar, grabbed attention online for accepting alms using PhonePe, a digital wallet and online payment app. While some users pointed out how technology and digital literacy did little to eliminate poverty, many others called him “India’s first digital beggar”.