Make sure cryptocurrencies don’t fall into wrong hands: PM Modi


Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 18

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday flagged the downside of critical technologies and said India, with its strong democratic credentials, with emphasis on individual rights, was the best partner for other democracies.

Nations should join hands for technology

Democracies must invest together in research and development of the technology of the future, create reliable manufacturing bases and supply chains, and work to prevent manipulation of public opinion. Narendra Modi, PM

The PM was delivering the keynote address at the Sydney Dialogue, where Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison listed 63 key technologies that would enable the Quad and Aukas groups to match China’s progress that could enable global economic and security dominance. Huh.

“Take cryptocurrency or bitcoin for example. It is important that all democratic countries work together on this and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands, which can spoil our youth,” he said.

India has unmatched experience in harnessing digital technology in a democratic framework with strong guarantees of individual rights and technology linked to values ​​and vision, PM Modi said in his effort to counter the Chinese by US Presidents Joe Biden and Morrison. Said using an idiom employed. Access to critical technologies.

While investing in developing indigenous capability in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, India is taking care that it is human-centric and used ethically. India has also put in place a strong framework for data protection, privacy and security. “The use of technology is linked to values ​​and vision. It is essential for democracies to invest in the technology of the future,” he underlined.

“The digital age has helped usher in a new era of opportunities for progress and prosperity, but at the same time it also brings with it new challenges,” the PM said.

The government has formed a joint task force with industry to make India a global hub of cyber security. “We have the benefits of scale and global trust,” he said.

India is now focusing on hardware and preparing an incentive package to become a major manufacturer of semiconductors.