Home buyers get past supply-chain issues by buying the house and everything inside

Last year, Gerardo and Rita Luna upgraded from their roughly 2,700-square-foot home in Oxnard, California, to a much larger home in nearby Santa Paula, paying $2.4 million. The couple, who own four automotive repair facilities, said they were looking for a quiet spot where they “couldn’t be in window hands with their neighbors,” Mr Luna said. Santa Paula Estate, at 6 acres, fits the bill perfectly.

The only problem: how could they possibly offer such a huge property? They didn’t have nearly enough furniture to fill their 7,000-square-foot home, and what they did have didn’t fit the French Country style of their new home. In addition, they knew that global supply-chain issues would make purchasing new furniture difficult and time-consuming. Instead, Mr. Luna proposed an unusual solution: He offered to buy all of the seller’s furniture, although the heavy curtains and plaid upholstery weren’t quite to his taste.