VW Says 2022 Sales and Profit in Line With Forecasts

Business earnings preview Initial data suggests that supply-chain issues have weakened cash flows

U.S. Car Makers’ EV Plans Hinge on Made-in-America Batteries

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Ford Shares Slip After Company Highlights Execution Issues

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Ford Posts $1.3 Billion Fourth-Quarter Profit, Misses Full-Year Profit Guidance

Supply-chain disruptions slowed the carmaker’s production and caused it to miss its annual target.

Mexico’s Industrial Hubs Grow as Part of Trade Shift Toward Nearshoring

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US sees India as supply-chain alternative to China

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GM’s Fourth-Quarter Profit Soared as Supply-Chain Problems Eased

Business revenue The auto maker also posted a record full year operating profit

Fed Debates Whether Wages or Low Unemployment Will Drive Inflation

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Home buyers get past supply-chain issues by buying the house and everything inside

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