Good Samaritan Saves 5-Year-Old From Drowning at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool

New York – A child drowned in a pool in the city on Sunday Brooklyn, A 5-year-old boy was pulled out of the water by a Good Samaritan and then a lifeguard gave him CPR.

It happened at McCarren Park Pool williamsburg Police said at around 7 pm.

The pool was packed with people trying to find relief during the heat wave. CBS2’s Kevin Rincon reported that the situation could have been worse if it had not been for the Good Samaritans.

“I shouted ‘Help!’ And then I submerged myself in the water to pick him up. He was down in the water, in the fetal position,” Anthony Torres said.

Good Samaritan saves child from drowning in Brooklyn’s public pool


Torres was at the pool with his family. He had just finished work and wanted to enjoy some free time. Seeing the boy at the bottom of the pool, the former lifeguard swung into action.

“When I pulled him out of the water, I kept yelling ‘Help!’ And no lifeguards will come to his aid or help me,” Torres said.

Panic ensued while first responders worked to make sure the boy was well. Police said they took the boy to Woodhull Hospital. He is expected to be fine.

“He was just breathing and his eyes were open. But he couldn’t talk and I was trying to give him a pound and he wasn’t getting up,” Torres said.

Maria Lozano was frustrated and more help didn’t arrive soon enough.

“The lifeguards were still up in the chairs, like, they didn’t even bother to get down,” Lozano said. “It was scary. I was here with my kids. Everyone was worried and worried because the kid wasn’t breathing. He was unconscious. CPR wasn’t working. It was scary, everyone was screaming.”

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the drowning. Many hope that an investigation into the response of on-duty lifeguards will also be launched.

In a statement to CBS2, the Parks Department said, “Our thoughts are with the child and his family, and we wish him a full recovery. Two NYC park lifeguards rushed to the child’s aid and one to help.” Administered CPR to the custodian’s cries. They took the baby out of the water.”