Foundation laid for Jewar airport to be sold later: Akhilesh

Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday alleged that the Jewar airport in Noida is being built so that the government can sell it later. He made this remark at a rally here one day of the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi The foundation stone of the international airport was laid.

“They are laying the foundation for the new airport so that once it is built, they can sell it. If a country sells its public property, what will happen to the rights of the people? What will future generations do? How will they get the job? Who will give them reservation?” Akhilesh asked this question at a rally organized at Ramabai Ambedkar Park in Lucknow. SP’s ally Janwadi Party (Samajwadi) organized the public meeting, headed by Sanjay Singh Chauhan.

“There is an airport nearby which was owned by the government, but it is no longer there. It has been sold by the government… I read the newspaper and saw that 90,000 chairs have been placed, where the PM, CM are going with all the people in the government… I am happy that Sanjay Singh Chouhan’s program has all the chairs here. stay in This shows how voting will take place this time.”

Akhilesh said, “What are these?” BJP are people doing? On one hand they are building a new airport and on the other they are selling it. Would you believe them? Who can believe them? BJP had once given a slogan that those who walk in slippers [slippers] will travel in hawai jahaaz [aeroplanes], How many of you have traveled in planes? They have also sold airplanes and airports.”

Referring to SP’s alliance with smaller parties, Akhilesh said, “SP has tried to bring all parties together… This is the battle we want to fight, and hence we are bringing everyone together.” When so many people are with us and we have flags of so many colours, no other party can have so much diversity. The socialists want to make a bouquet of different flowers. These same color people cannot bring development or happiness.