Formal Navy Chief Admiral writes to CEC, demands action against hate speech in religious gatherings

Former Navy Chief Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas (Retd) wrote an open letter to Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra, demanding action Call to incite violence in the Parliament of ReligionsHe said that this is a violation of both the Constitution and the model code of conduct of the Election Commission.

The letter, titled ‘Religion Parliament, Violence and Incitement to National Security’ dated January 12, said no arrests have been made despite lawyers, veterans and the Supreme Court taking suo moto cognizance of it.

The letter comes days after the former Navy chief along with other former chiefs of the armed forces and several other prominent citizens including bureaucrats wrote a similar letter to President Ram Nath Kovind and the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi On incidents of hate speech at a ‘Dharma Sansad’ on 31st December.

In a letter, a group of over 100 people referred to the communal remarks made at an event in Haridwar recently. “We cannot allow public expression of hatred as well as promotion of violence – which is not only a serious breach of internal security but can also break the social fabric of our country,” he said in the letter. “

“Please attach a copy of the Open Statement to the Hon’ble President of India and Hon’ble Prime Minister on 31st December, which was signed by over 150 eminent citizens including six former Chiefs of Staff, over forty senior veterans and senior bureaucrats. Ambassadors, academicians and eminent public figures,” Ramdas wrote in his January 12 letter.

“We have also expressed our deep concern about the increase in hate speech targeting the core minority community – namely Muslims and others – across the country. Special reference is to the recently concluded Parliament of Religions in Haridwar on 17-19 December; and Delhi In a similar event, where the speakers openly gave speech (that) is tantamount to calling for genocide of Indian Muslims,” he said.

Though he mentioned that no arrests have been made in the incident so far, a day after the letter was sent, Uttarakhand Police on Thursday made the first arrest in the Haridwar case, three weeks after registering an FIR.

“Elections have been called by you sir. Despite this, similar parliaments continue to be announced at similar events and at press conferences elsewhere. This is a violation of both the Constitution and the code of conduct.”

“We urge you to kindly take serious note and take appropriate action to ensure that the sanctity of the electoral process is maintained and all such calls inciting violence against one community or the other are dealt with strictly. As a former soldier, I am deeply concerned about the direct impact of such actions on national security – both external and internal. The consequences for the social fabric of India and the overall welfare of our citizens are indeed dire. The country looks up to you, especially the important position that you hold for protecting our democratic norms and the Constitution of India,” he said.