Will bring ordinance to decide fate of illegal buildings in Sindh: Murtaza Wahabi

Karachi Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab announced on Wednesday that the Sindh government will bring an ordinance to prevent immediate action against buildings and houses built in violation of rules and regulations.

Addressing a press conference, he said that it was proposed that a commission be set up to decide whether a building should be regularized or not and on what parameters.

He said the proposed law was the same as that introduced to regularize irregular buildings in Punjab, adding in an additional para that the anti-encroachment drive should be stopped after the law comes into force till the commission on the matter. But doesn’t decide.

Wahab remarked, “The basic purpose of the law is to protect the fundamental rights of the people, I hope we will be allowed to work so that the lives and property of the people are protected within the ambit of the law.”

Wahab said that the PPP had introduced a resolution in the Sindh assembly, drawing the attention of the provincial government to enact a law on demolition of people’s houses. The resolution favored action against constructions carried out on waterways, but called for a less drastic route to illegal homes, shops and buildings where people had been living for many years.

He said that “many politicians who held the press conference at Nasla Tower” did not support the resolution, but the PPP managed to pass it with a majority.

After this the proposal was sent to the Sindh government and it decided to enact a law in its light. Now, the draft law has been prepared and sent by the Law Department to Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Wahab said, adding that the Chief Minister will send the ordinance to the government today.

,[It is] Hopefully the governor will verify it, follow the advice of the chief minister and the Sindh cabinet and approve it so that it can be made a law.”

More to follow.