Tripura Police trains staff in drone technology to promote digital surveillance

Tripura Police on Tuesday conducted drone surveillance training for personnel of state police, Border Security Force (BSF) and other security agencies in collaboration with the State Forensic Science Laboratory and National Forensic Science University to boost their operations on the digital surveillance front. did.

The training, organized by the KTD Singh Police Training Academy, was part of a two-day workshop on drone surveillance and drone forensics at the Tripura State Rifles (TSR) 2nd Battalion Headquarters at RK Nagar on the outskirts of Agartala.

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Drone surveillance instructors are seen giving practical training to calibrate a drone before flight. (Express photo by Debraj Deb)

Police Training Academy Principal Dilip Ray told the media that the drone surveillance workshop includes flight demonstrations and there will be more sessions in cyber crime lab, indoor and outdoor training etc.

“This workshop trains our officers on how to monitor, use or misuse drones. We are mainly looking at the forensic aspect of it,” the official said.

Avinash Chandra Paul, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of D-Town Robotics Pvt Ltd said that the training included basic knowledge about flying a drone and the prerequisites to remember while flying a drone.

tripura drone2 The Tripura Police and BSF officials await the practical demonstration of flying the drone. (Express photo by Debraj Deb)

“This is to train the department about the knowledge about drones, distance requirements, flight time etc. We are also going to teach them about drone forensics so that illegal drones coming from outside the country can be monitored if they are caught. This training will be helpful to learn about drones, and if necessary to capture data, find out where someone has come from, where they are going, etc.”

He also pointed out that a drone operator may not be able to monitor all the activities going on the screen, but if the video can be sent to the command center, a group of experts can monitor everything and in time. can take action.