Roshni Chopra shares the recipe of ‘Super Spicy’ Green Chilli and Garlic Thecha

What could be better than spicy and spicy sauce To add a zing to your meal? Chutney not only makes the food tasty but it is also very easy to make. From sour coriander chutney to sweet coconut chutney – there is a variety of delicious dips in every region of the country. One such popular Maharashtrian chutney is Thecha.

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from snacks parathas Thecha can be eaten with a variety of dishes. If you are looking to make this chutney today, try this easy and quick recipe by actor Roshni Chopra. “Thecha is probably my favorite chutney and is very easy to make. Like any Indian recipe, it has many versions, some come with a tadka And Groundnut But I love this very simple version which is super pungent,” she wrote on Instagram.

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*green pepper – 100 grams
*Garlic (peeled and chopped) – 100 grams
,Olive Oil – 2 tbsp
*salt to taste


* Grind the ingredients together to get the desired consistency.
* You can eat it to spice up food (or store it in the fridge for 10-15 days).
*For dip, put a spoonful of chutney in a small bowl of hung curd or greek yogurt And add salt as per taste.

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