PM Modi could have been killed by drone or telescopic gun: Giriraj Singh on security breach – India Times Hindi News

Union minister Giriraj Singh on Friday termed the breach in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab as a conspiracy to implicate him in the “well of death” and alleged that he could be killed with a drone or a telescopic gun. Singh said in a tweet that a proper high-level inquiry would reveal that the conspiracy behind the incident not only pertains to the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office, but extends beyond that as well.

He said, ‘Trapping the Prime Minister in the well of death was not a coincidence but a conspiracy. He survived because of Lord Shiva’s blessings… It appears that he may have been killed by a drone or a telescopic gun,” Singh said. Singh also posted pictures and videos of Modi’s body being trapped. He said that there should be a proper investigation and no conspirators should be spared.

In a major security lapse, the Prime Minister’s convoy was stuck at a flyover in Ferozepur on Wednesday due to a blockade by protesters, following which he returned from Punjab without attending any event, including a rally. The incident sparked a major political controversy with the BJP alleging that the ruling Congress in Punjab tried to “physically harm” the prime minister, while other parties also attacked the state government over the law and order issue. Did. attacked.

The Center also constituted a three-member panel on Thursday to probe the security breach. Punjab Chief Secretary Anirudh Tiwari has submitted a report to the Center regarding the security breach, stating that an FIR has been registered in the incident and the state government has constituted a two-member panel to probe the lapse.

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