Operation Aahat: RPF sensitizes children about human trafficking – Rail Hunt – Bharat Times English News

Kharagpur. Members of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit of RPF, Kharagpur Post, campaigning against human trafficking, delivered a lecture at the local Traffic High School. Many members of the unit were present during this campaign being run under the name “Operation Aahat”. Cautioning the children, the officials said that human trafficking is a serious crime. Children can also play a big role in preventing this.

RPF officers counseling children

Human traffickers abuse children in various ways by taking them to distant regions . How unfortunate children find it difficult to return to the mainstream. So children need to be especially careful. If anything suspicious is seen anywhere, there is a need to inform the administration immediately. So that preventive measures can be taken in time.

The campaign against human trafficking cannot be completely successful until children become aware. Parents and citizens also play a big role in this. It was said from the department that the campaign will continue.