Huawei Smart Glasses With Detachable Front Frame Launched: Check Price, Specs & More – Bharat Times Hindi News

Tech giant Huawei has launched a new smart glass ‘Huawei Smart Glasses’ in China with a detachable front frame design. Smart Glass offers three classic frame types: Classic Frame, Stylish Pilot and Retro Round Frame. It also comes in a variety of colorful frames.

The new Huawei Smart Glasses are the first glasses equipped with HarmonyOS. As GizmoChina reports, the glasses support simultaneous connection of two devices, one-key switching of multiple devices, and Visual Smart Connection.

They come with powerful 128mm speakers and microphones that allow Huawei’s Celia assistant to be hands-free. It also has an inverted sound field acoustic system, and the directional sound cavity + sound vent structure can effectively reduce the sound around the ears.

In addition, the smart glass can intelligently transmit information to the system APP and third-party APP applications such as WeChat and Meituan, such as flight and high-speed rail travel reminders, schedule reminders, WeChat reminders, takeaway reminders and more.

In terms of pricing, the Huawei Smart Glass Optical Mirror is priced at 1,699 Yuan and the Sunglasses price is 1,899 Yuan.

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