China’s Xi Jinping plans foreign trip, including meeting US President Joe Biden: Report – Times of India – India Times English News

Chinese officials are planning possible travel Xi Jinping To Southeast Asia In what could be the leader’s first foreign trip since the Covid-19 pandemic in November and includes a meeting with the US President Joe BidenWere wall street journal Reported on Friday.
Biden’s team has long sought and not confirmed an in-person meeting between the two leaders to defuse tensions between the two countries. Taiwanbusiness and a host of other issues.
white House Work is continuing on doing so, according to a person familiar with the matter, who said Biden is prepared for a one-on-one visit, including on the sidelines of the November meeting of the Group of 20 countries in Indonesia.
“We have no information about the time or location,” a US official said.
Xi and Biden discussed a possible meeting for more than two hours on July 28, which included tense talks over a visit by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to the Chinese-claimed island of Taiwan. Nancy Pelosic,