Allows young students to find their voice in government session

Minneapolis (WCCO) – Aspiring lawmakers, judges and lobbyists filled the halls of the state capital as the YMCA’s Youth in Government session began on Friday.

This is the 75th year that the youth have taken over the capital and are practicing open government without the limits of partisanship.

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Over the weekend before Minnesota state lawmakers are in session, nearly a thousand young people are heating up their seats.

“They are playing a role as legislators, lawyers, judges, lobbyists, media executives,” said Orville Lindquist, who works with the YMCA.

This is where these young people talk about real issues, issues affecting their lives.

From housing to immigration, police and caste, no subject remains untouched.

“This year I am really working on natural resources and a clean Minnesota which has been my biggest platform, moving towards a natural resource effective means that we can use as a state closer to a net zero Minnesota can to reach. , said this year’s governor, Wesley Ross.

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In all, 18 youth leaders were chosen by their peers.

“It’s so important to see young people from across the state coming together and working together, from different backgrounds and different histories, to see what our generation can do to move forward,” Ross said.

In these sessions, there are respectful discussions about possible solutions and issues facing us as Minnesotans. For some, this experience helps them find their voice.

“I really think this program changed lives and it really changed mine,” said Ella Pribil.

Pribil says this experience will help him no matter what profession he decides to pursue.

“Getting more public speaking skills, gaining confidence, I’ve met a lot of people across the state, it’s really become like a family,” Pribil said.

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Children from Classes 8 to 12 participate in Youth in Government to discover their voices and learn how to use them in the wider world.