2 hockey players did not claim to be involved in alleged gang sexual assault in 2003 – National | Globalnews.ca

two of the players Canadian 2003 Junior Men Hockey The team says they had no involvement or knowledge of the alleged gang sexual assault.

Carlo Kolyakovo and PA Parento both went on to play in the NHL.

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Police, Hockey Canada investigate second world junior team over alleged gang sexual assault

Halifax Police Confirmed They Are Investigating a Historical Sexual Assault Police in London, Ontario announced that they are resuming their investigation into an alleged sexual assault involving eight members of the 2018 team.

TSN reports that he has spoken with three people who have seen a video that allegedly shows about six players on the 2003 team sexually assaulting a non-reactive woman at a pool table.

One of three sources told TSN that one of the players had borrowed his video camera during the tournament in Halifax and that the graphic recording was still on camera when he was returned.

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The man said he was pressured by the players to remove the video and never reported it to the police.

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