Zakir Jafar was not named in the FIR lodged on July 20: Lawyer

ISLAMABAD: Defense lawyer in Noor Muqadam murder case claimed that Zakir Jafar, father of his client, Zaheer Jafar, was detained despite the fact that he was not named as an accused in the FIR lodged on July 20. And even he was not present. city ​​that day

Zakir Jafar’s lawyer Khwaja Haris, while reading out the FIR before the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday, said that Zaheer Jafar’s parents had no role in Noor Muqadam’s murder as they were in Karachi. He said that Zakir also condemned the incident.

He told the court that the police had arrested Zakir and his wife Asmat Adamji on July 24.

According to the lawyer, an FIR has been registered on the charge of murder. However, the police later added the offenses of concealment of evidence and abetment.

Justice Farooq asked whether the charge sheet in this case has been presented in the trial court.

Shah Kharwar, the lawyer for Noor Mukadam’s father Shaukat Mukadam, told the court that the charge sheet has been presented before the trial court which states that the police had accused Zakir Jafar of abetting the crime.

The police challan claimed that there was an altercation between Zaheer Jafar and Noor on July 20 when the latter refused to marry her and then the accused illegally detained her in the room.

Quoting the Call Detail Record (CDR), the challan states that before beheading and beheading Noor, Zaheer called his parents at 2:21 pm, 3 pm, 6:35 pm and 7:30 pm. Made at least four calls at 29. “If Zaheer Jafar had informed the police in time, the killing of Noor Muqadam could have been avoided,” the statement said.

The challan states that to hide the evidence and the body of Noor, Zakir Jafar sent five employees of the therapywork to his F-7/4 residence which is the crime scene of the heinous murder. When the staff of TherapyWorks tried to enter the room, Zaheer got confused and attacked them. Amjad Mahmood, a worker, was injured and taken to the hospital. The injured employee lied to the hospital administration and attributed the injury to a road accident.

According to the challan, the parents and the staff of TherapyWorks tried to hide the crime and attempted to destroy the evidence.

Advocate Haris argued that the addition of sections of the Pakistan Penal Code relating to concealment/destruction of evidence and abetment was considered as the police added the offenses two days after the FIR was registered.

After this, the court postponed the date of rabbit rearing till Thursday (today). Defense lawyers will continue the arguments on Thursday as well.

Published in Dawn, September 16, 2021


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