The Minister of Public Safety wants to establish the Saskatchewan Indigenous Police Service.

Marco Mendicino, Canadian public safety minister in Saskatoon on Monday was pushing to establish an indigenous police service to work with people living in the reserve.

Mendicino said he spoke with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) and aims to find a way to make the plan work.

“Exactly how we provide Indigenous-led policing will depend on where the community is,” Mendicino said.

“We actually talked openly about meeting each first Nations In the communities where they are in it matters what their needs are, what their potential is, and ensuring that the government of Saskatchewan is also on the table. ,

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He said this is to empower First Nations and help prevent crime from happening in the first place.

When something like this might start, Mendicino said the sooner the better.

“There’s a real impact from the people I talk with, especially from Indigenous communities and leadership, that there’s an urgency.”

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Mendicino also touched on the proposed handgun freeze Bill C-21.

“The Bill C-21 does many things, but the first one we’re highlighting is that it’s a national handgun to stop the universe’s trend of used guns as the number one killer in murders.” Will place the freeze.”

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“Second, it would introduce red flag protocol that would allow a judge to take or confiscate a gun if that gun holder poses a threat to himself, or someone else for that matter,” Mendicino said.

He said this would hopefully reverse the trend of the association between domestic violence and guns.

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‘We will never reduce our measures on gun control’ in Bill C-21, says Freeland

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Mendicino said the bill would give C-21 law enforcement more power to stop the flow of guns, adding that cutting-edge technology has come a long way in detecting ghost guns.

He also said that one bill will not solve all the problems.

“I think there’s a tendency sometimes to think that a piece of legislation is going to solve the problem. It won’t, there’s no such thing as just a kind of magic solution to it. You need better gun laws. Yes, you need to support law enforcement with additional tools and resources, and yes, you need to address gun violence to its root causes.”

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