‘Reckless Youth’ YouTube prank goes horribly wrong as Sydney ‘ATM robber’ gets nose broken


Aussie YouTube pranksters are ripped to shreds after fake ATM robbery spectacularly backfires and leaves one with a broken nose – as footage of the cringe stunt resurfaces

  • YouTube ATM robbery prank backfires on Sydney teens
  • Fake ‘robber’ gets nose broken by heroic bystander
  • Video resurfaced online going viral overseas

Three YouTube pranksters have been slammed over footage showing an ATM robbery prank go terribly wrong after one of them was left with a broken nose.

Daniel Maran, Robert Milazzo and George Proestos staged the fake robbery outside of an automated teller machine in Sydney.

Footage shows the pranksters pretending to rob one another before a bystander, who believed it was real, tried to intervene and punched one of the boys in the face, breaking his nose.

A video has resufaced of a YouTube prank gone wrong as teens pretend to ‘rob’ each other at an ATM in Sydney

The video was shared to YouTube in 2014 under the channel ‘Reckless Youth’, before the footage was rediscovered by sports blog Barstool Sports on Tuesday.

‘Play stupid games win stupid prizes,’ the caption read.

Social media users ripped into the pranksters saying they were lucky they walked away with just a broken nose.

‘My only complaint is he only got hit once,’ one wrote.

‘This isn’t a prank even if he didn’t intend to do any harm. He deserved every bit of it,’ a second wrote.

‘The ‘it’s a prank’ card was used really fast when sh** got real,’ a third added.

‘I see this as ‘poetic justice’. Pretend to be a criminal for a prank… get treated like a real criminal immediately,’ another added.

‘So I guess this is the end of his YouTube career? Onto new adventures,’ said a fifth.

Footage showed one of the pranksters using the ATM before he is grabbed from behind by his friend posing as a thief.

He pulls his friend down tot he ground and the pair begin to wrestle with one another on the floor of the shopping centre.

A bystander (pictured in the orange pants) didn't realise it was staged and punched the fake robber in the face

A bystander (pictured in the orange pants) didn’t realise it was staged and punched the fake robber in the face

The trio then screams 'It's a prank', but it's too late as the teen is seen with a broken nose oozing blood (pictured)

The trio then screams ‘It’s a prank’, but it’s too late as the teen is seen with a broken nose oozing blood (pictured)

A passer-by, unaware it was a prank, is then seen racing to the rescue, landing a right hand to the face of the prankster, breaking his nose.

The trio then scream ‘It’s a prank’, but it’s too late as the teen’s nose is oozing blood.

Group member Mr Maran said in the aftermath it was done as a social experiment to see if people would help in an actual robbery.

‘Every single comment has been negative, saying how stupid we are, how dumb this prank is,’ he said.

‘Honestly, I didn’t think it would be that negative. I thought we’d get a few people saying this is a silly prank – but literally almost every single comment is a hate comment.’

The video was posted alongside several other fake thefts where the teens would pretend to rob someone before confessing to onlookers it was for YouTube.