Lawyer representing Mizou alleged fraternity victim: ‘It’s a slam-dunk hedging case’

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Lawyer David Bianchi, known for his casework in anti-hedging, is representing the Santuli family after the pledge Danny Santuli has permanent brain damage From the dangerous Phi Gamma Delta hedging at the University of Missouri in October 2021. Bianchi on Friday slammed Boone County prosecutors for not filing charges.Story.”,

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Martha McCallum: Why won’t they implement this anti-hedging law? This could potentially save future lives or prevent others from being injured. As far as Danny was. which is terrible.

David Bianchi: Martha, there is no explanation as to why this is not being done now. And it’s a complete mystery. This is a slam-dunk hedging case under Missouri law. There are countless hours of real time surveillance video that you almost never have in a dangerous case. But here we are. there was a 144 page police report. Prosecutors have everything they need [sic] There with the hazing statute. Every fraternity officer and everyone who participates is guilty of haze under Missouri statutes. But after eight months they are refusing to level the charges and no one can understand.

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McCallum: you know You make a great point. The video you are seeing is surveillance video which I believe this fraternity knew that these cameras were active in this building. OK, David?

Bianchi: this is right. I mean, who would do that to someone with surveillance cameras in their right mind?

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McCallum: Obviously they have no fear of getting caught. They know that some supporters of the fraternity and other entities and apparently the prosecutor’s office are unwilling to pursue laws that are really on the books here.

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