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English Premier League players’ vaccination rates shrouded in mystery

The Premier League regularly releases details of how many players and club staff have been tested for COVID-19 and the number of positive tests, and some individual teams have disclosed vaccination rates, but the league has declined to do so. declined CNN’s requests for comment on the record of the story. With regard to vaccination data of players in its 20 clubs.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that full immunization will be a key criterion for government and health authorities in the context of potential COVID certification in international travel and large-scale events.”

CNN has been unable to confirm the authenticity of the letter.

Currently, 85.4% of the UK population 12 years of age and older have received at least one dose and 78.4% have received two doses.

The letter reportedly said, “We are considering whether and how we can ‘reward’ the squads/players who are most COVID-compliant and have opted for vaccination. ”

‘little confusion’

England national team A World Cup qualifying game against Andorra is involved on Saturday and ahead of that match Tammy Abraham, who plays for Italian club Roma, became the first England player to confirm that he has had the COVID-19 vaccine.
England manager Gareth Southgate, Speaking ahead of the Andorra game, said that some players were “more open to some of these conspiracy theories” surrounding Covid-19 vaccines. are more sensitive.”

“From what I can see there is a little confusion all around. And there are many different sources as to why they are choosing to speak publicly about it or not,” Southgate told reporters.

CNN has learned that 20 clubs provide the Premier League with their vaccine data on the condition that it does not share it, and that some clubs have been asked to help the league provide guidance on updated COVID restrictions on training facilities. Vaccination rates must be reached. The Premier League’s approach is to encourage everyone to get the vaccine.

"As I've always said, I don't see a better way to avoid an epidemic than through a vaccination program,"  England coach Gareth Southgate said ahead of the World Cup qualifier against Andorra.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp recently told reporters that “99%” of his squad had been vaccinated and expressed dismay at the apparent slow pace at rival teams, saying that refusing to take the vaccine was “like drink-driving”. It’s a little bit.”

“We were all probably in a situation where we had a beer or two and thought we could still drive. [because of] The law, we’re not allowed to drive so we don’t drive,” Klopp said.

“But this law is not for my safety when I drink two beers and want to drive, it is for the safety of all other people because I am drunk and we accept it as law.

“I don’t take vaccinations just to protect myself, I take vaccinations to protect everyone around me. I don’t understand why this limits freedom, if so, not allowed to drink There is a limit to the going and the drive freedom.

“I got vaccinated not because I was worried about myself, but even more so about everyone around me. If I got [Covid] And I suffer from it – my fault. If I get it and spread it to someone else – it’s my fault and not their fault.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that by refusing to vaccinate, you put others at risk.

american sports league

Sky Sports News reported last week that Wolves’ squad was also fully vaccinated and that Brentford and Leeds had more than 90% of their players fully vaccinated.

CNN has contacted several major Premier League clubs to ask about their current vaccine status, including Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City.

Chelsea, Tottenham and Leicester declined to comment, while Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United had not responded at the time of publication.

In August, Southgate said he had received abuse for appearing in a video encouraging youth to get vaccinated.

“I’m not going to get into it too much because I was asked to do a video supporting the vaccination program, which I thought was responsible,” Southgate said.

“And out of all the things I got abused for in the summer, of which there are many, this is probably the one I got the most abuses for.

“I’m probably going to stay away from that argument for the time being.”

Andrew Wiggins #22 of the Golden State Warriors handles the ball against Brandon Clark #15 of the Memphis Grizzlies during the second half at the FedExForum on March 19, 2021 in Memphis, Tennessee.  Wiggins recently received a vaccine after requesting an exemption on religious grounds.

While Roma forward Abraham confirmed he has the vaccine, AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori, who used to play for Chelsea and is a member of the England squad, declined to tell reporters if he had received the vaccine earlier this week. was vaccinated.

“We’re public figures, so I definitely see why people are thinking or asking: ‘If they’re going to take it, I’m going to take it. If they’re not going to take it,’ So I’m not going to take it’,” Tomori told reporters.

“I don’t think it’s my place to put it out if I did it or did it to impress people. It’s up to people to leave it to them if they want to do it or not.”

Across the Atlantic, American sports leagues have been disclosing player vaccination rates.

In the NHL – which has a 100% vaccination rate among players – and the NBA, failing to comply with local health authorities requiring vaccinations can result in non-vaccinated players being paid for matches or practices they miss. We do.

Meanwhile Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving will be allowed to practice at the team’s facility in New York City but will not be able to play in Nets home games at Barclays Center because of the city’s vaccine mandate, a City Hall official told CNN. . Friday.

Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors recently received a vaccine after requesting an exemption on religious grounds, head coach Steve Kerr said. San Francisco’s local health authority also requires vaccinations.

Crystal Palace (R) and Chelsea players observe a minute's silence for those who have contracted COVID-19 ahead of an English Premier League football match between the teams at Stamford Bridge in London on August 14, 2021.

Last month, the NFL said that as of September 23, 93.7% of its players had been vaccinated. Teams that have to cancel a match due to an outbreak among unvaccinated players will lose the match and be given credit for the loss.

As MLB enters the postseason, the league will need to fully vaccinate team personnel from playoff teams, a source with direct knowledge has told CNN.

Starting on 4 October and until the end of the World Series, non-playing personnel – regardless of role or title – who have not been fully vaccinated will be banned from being around players during the post season and banned. They will not have access to the areas, the source said.




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