Don’t accept OTS registration with CM Reddy’s photo, invalid doctor in future: Chandrababu Naidu

TDP national president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday advised poor beneficiaries of housing schemes not to accept OTS registration with Jaganmohan Reddy’s photographs on ownership documents by the YSRCP government.

Naidu said that any property registration would be valid on a nationally accepted stamp duty paper. He alleged that the OTS registration of the AP government with the Chief Minister’s photographs would be invalid and would not be accepted in any official transaction in future.

On the second day of Naidu’s three-day visit to Kuppam assembly constituency in Chittoor district, he addressed locals at Guttupalli, Noolkunta, N Kothapalli and other places. He also gave mics to elders, farmers, women and students and asked them to list their problems.

In his speeches, the TDP chief asked the poor sections not to be afraid of threats from the ruling YSRCP goons. “If village volunteers threaten to cut benefits, low-income families should strongly oppose it. Nobody should pay OTS fee. TDP will give free registration and will come to power in two years. If TDP is poor damages to the beneficiaries, TDP will deduct the pension of the families of the volunteers.

Naidu said CM Jaganmohan Reddy had made many promises before the elections, but decades ago started taking arbitrary decisions like OTS registration for houses built under TDP and other regimes. Naidu termed the cancellation of Anna Canteen, Sankranti Kanuka, Ramzan Thofa, Christmas gifts and foreign education as a “thoughtless decision” of Naidu.

Naidu asked people whether destroying assets worth Rs 2 lakh crore of Amaravati city was an unwise decision. “The TDP developed Cyberabad and the Outer Ring Road for Hyderabad, the capital of present Telangana. All the Chief Ministers like YSR, Rosaiah, Kiran Kumar Reddy only recognized the value of these projects and continued them. But, Jagan Reddy will not learn from such examples.”

He further asked whether Hyderabad would now get much growth and value if the hi-tech city and ORR projects were also destroyed like Amaravati. “Due to one chance given to one person, the entire state was being devastated and there was no hope of his recovery. This is the reason why people were rising up against the chaotic decisions of Jagan’s rule.

Naidu assured the villagers in Daaseganuru that he would give a completely new and facelift to the TDP. “It is only TDP which is actively opposing the lawless YSRCP government. If not the TDP, which other party will agitate for the good of the people? Common people should also fight by joining hands.

The TDP chief cautioned that if the people of Andhra Pradesh did not take it as their responsibility to face the “tyrannical” regime, they would face “disastrous” consequences later. “Today the miscreants of the ruling party can grab someone else’s land. Gradually they will target everyone’s property. Already, goons were occupying private houses, sites and lands,” he said.

He said that “true welfare benefits” like Chandranna Bima and Pelli Kanuka were given only during his rule. “The sub plan was given to BC. Jagan Reddy spoke of Nadu Nedu and Amma Vodi but now the schools did not have teachers and facilities. Prices of essential commodities and petrol increased. Taxes were also being levied on garbage and toilets. They were going to replace the existing slab which would automatically increase the duty.”

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