Dawood’s family had fled from the US to Pakistan due to the possibility of extradition to India. India News – Times of India – India Times English News

Mumbai: Sohail KaskariMILF’s nephew David Ibrahim, who was likely to be extradited to India from the US, has managed to escape Pakistan Via Dubai, senior police officials told TOI. Sources said the landing of 41-year-old Sohail in Pakistan is a major setback for the Indian government’s efforts to bring him back to India. Sohail is the son of Dawood’s late brother nora Who died of kidney failure in Pakistan in 2010.
In October 2018, US officials alerted the Indian government that Sohail, an Indian national (his passport is issued from Mumbai), had completed his prison term in the US and was a free bird. Police said that a person arrested for any crime in any country is deported back to his country of origin after the completion of his sentence. India was trying to extradite him through a mutual legal assistance treaty between India and the US. Security agencies have recently come to know from intelligence sources that Sohail has reached Pakistan.
Sohail Kaskar was arrested in 2014 along with three others by the US Drug Enforcement Administration on charges of plotting narco-terrorism to provide material aid to a foreign terrorist organisation.
All three were arrested in Spain in June 2014 at the request of the US government. Following his extradition to the US, he was taken into custody by the DEA’s New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force.
A police source said, “Sohail is currently in Pakistan. India had tried to take him to the country, but he managed to escape. Dawood has reportedly taken refuge in Pakistan and is used by the ISI (Pakistan’s intelligence agency) to further his anti-India agenda. An official said that Sohail opted to flee to that country because of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan and the security provided to him.
Dawood used to travel between Karachi and Dubai. But his options shrank after the US declared him a global terrorist, who emerged as a major force in D Company’s global narco-terror venture.