CBSE is bringing MCQs for the first time exam

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, 14 November

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has finalized a new pattern for board exams for the first session of Class 12 and Class 10, which will begin from November 16 and November 17 respectively. There will be multiples in the first term The choice questions and the duration of the exam will be 90 minutes. According to CBSE, this time students will be given 20 minutes of study time instead of 15. Each question will have four options, and the student has to circle the correct one. They have been given the option to sit in the examination center of their choice as many of them were displaced due to COVID. Many students are still in their native places, while their schools are in other places.

latest guidelines

  • Evaluation on 2 terms: November-December and March-April
  • First term for MCQs; Duration 90 Minutes
  • Four options per question; Students cannot leave any question unanswered
  • Reading time increased by 5 minutes to 20 minutes