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  • Commonwealth 2022 gold winner Bajrang Punia. Haryana player said that the return made after injury is good for him

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Haryana’s wrestler Bajrang Punia, who won gold in the Commonwealth, has had a lot of ups and downs since the Tokyo Olympics. After winning the final on Friday night, he said that gold is the same, whether he won in 2018 or now in 2022, but the comeback he has made after the injury is very good for him. In fact, he had an injury a month before the Tokyo Games. Earlier his game was aggressive, this time he came to the Commonwealth with Aggressive in attacking and defensive way pre-paired with mind set.

People will see the same Bajrang again

Bajrang Poonia, a resident of Sonipat, has been a wrestler of India for the last 8 years, who has achieved success at the international level with consistent and consistent success. He was considered the most powerful player in the Tokyo Olympics, but could not play well due to the injury that happened about a month before the match. Lost in the semifinals. However, he later won the match for the bronze medal. Broken by this defeat. Poonia has won the gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth.

He said that now more than winning gold, he is more happy that he has been able to perform well. In the future, they will work hard to see Bajrang again, which people used to see before the Olympics. It has taken him a long time to recover the injury. Before this, he was not satisfied with his performance in whatever tournaments he played. Today is a happy day for them. Happiness is not because they have won the gold, but because they played well.

will play aggressive again

Bajrang told that his effort was to play the best from his side. Earlier used to play aggressive, but after the injury, there was a lot of change. Now I try to come back to the same. He said that in any match, no player is weak. Whoever comes, comes to win a medal for his country. Today his fight has gone very well. Now by performing well in the tournaments that are going to come, they will prepare fiercely for winning medals for the country.

thanks to Sushil

Bajrang Poonia thanked Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar in the conversation. Sushil is currently in jail for the murder of Sagar Pehalwan, a player from Sonipat. Bajrang said that our old players, whether they are engaged in wrestling or in any field. Those who have done good for the country, they have learned by seeing them. When those people did good, then we should also do good by following in their footsteps. The one who made wrestling alive was Sushil Bhai. When he won the medal in the Olympics, only after that the identity of wrestling became. Earlier wrestling was not given much importance. Say thank you to them.

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