Andy Murray is back in the ‘good books’ after finding lost wedding ring

The three-time Grand Slam champion posted a video instagram Help was sought after his shoes, to which the ring was attached, were snatched from under his car as he prepared for the Indian Wells tournament in California on Thursday.

Fortunately, the situation was resolved after a few phone calls later that day.

“I just wanted to send a quick message to say a big thank you to everyone and everyone for sharing the story about the shoe and wedding ring,” Murray said in a video posted. instagram,

“I had to make some calls today and talk to the security personnel at the hotel and everything else.”

He then revealed the trainers and told them about the camera.

“Would you believe they still stink perfectly but the shoes are back, the wedding ring is back and I’m back in the good books. Let’s go,” he said.

After returning from dinner, the 34-year-old said his trainers started to smell after practicing for hours under the California sun.

So when he came back to his hotel he decided to let them dry under the car.

After leaving them to broadcast overnight, Murray returned in the morning to find his trainers, meaning he was forced to find another pair in preparation for his match against Adrian Mannarino on Friday.

annoying? Yes. end of the world? Maybe not. But unfortunately for Scott, he had forgotten an important fact.

“As I was preparing for my practice, my physio said to me ‘Where’s your wedding ring?’, and I was like ‘Oh no,'” Murray tried to contain the laughter in a video message. Explained.

“I basically tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoe when I’m playing because I can’t play it with my hand. So my wedding ring has been stolen as well.”

With the sullen look on Murray’s face, it’s safe to say that the news didn’t go down well with his wife, Kim Sears, whom he married in 2015 and has four children.

“Needless to say, I’m in the bad books at home so I want to try to find it,” he continued.

“So if anyone can share this or have a clue as to where they might be, that would be very helpful, so I can try to get back to it and get to the bottom of it.”

Murray wrote a caption accompanying his plea for help, “Yeah I know I’m an idiot and from retrospect this sounds like a terrible idea but I need some help.”