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34 new covid cases in Gujarat, mostly from Ahmedabad, Valsad

34 new cases at 12-week high COVID-19 Reported in Gujarat on Thursday. The state had last reported 39 cases on July 24 and had not crossed 30 new cases in a day since July 27. A large number of new cases for the day were reported from Surat, Ahmedabad and Valsad districts.

Nearly two months after the Narmada reported two new cases, the district health authority said one of the positive persons, a resident of Maharashtra, had left the state after giving his sample. The second positive case was found from Rajpipla and was admitted to a government facility there.

Ahmedabad Civil Hospital on Thursday claimed that for the first time after 555 days, not a single COVID-19 patient has been admitted to the hospital.

Addressing media persons, Medical Superintendent Dr Rakesh Joshi, however, cautioned that though medical professionals have been trained and medicines are stocked in sufficient quantity, the latest figures are being used by the public at large to let down their guard. should not be done.

Dr Joshi said, “When we are ready, it does not mean that one does not take the vaccine, or that the public does not take responsibility and roam (without following the Covid-19 protocol)…”.


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