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21 years of ‘Nuve Kavali’: Actor Tarun gets film after these two stars turned down – Bharat Times Hindi News

Tamil film “Nuve Kavali” completed 21 years of its release on 13 October this year. The film was a sensational hit in 2000. Tarun Kumar and Richa Polad are about to go to college in this coming-of-age comedy romance film.

Recently, the film made headlines once again when it was revealed that Tarun was not the first choice for the lead role in “Nuve Kavali”. Initially, Power Star Pawan Kalyan was approached by the makers. Since Pawan was already doing romantic work for films like First Love and Welcome, he declined the offer. Actor Sumanth was the next person to be approached by the makers, but he was already busy shooting for a romantic film.

The makers finally decided to approach Tarun for the lead role. After the film’s release, the actor created a sensation in the Telugu film industry and then went on to star in several other films after his stellar performance in Nuve Kavali.

The film was directed by Vijaya Bhaskar and co-produced by Sravanthi Ravikishore and Ramojirao. Trivikram Srinivas has written the dialogues of the film. Comedian Sunil was introduced to the Telugu audience in Nuve Kavali.

For the uninformed, the makers had fixed the original budget of Nuve Kavali at Rs 75 lakh only. However, by the time the shooting of the film was completed, the makers had spent over Rs 1.2 crore for quality work on the film. Reportedly, Nuve Kavali made a profit of over Rs 20 crore. At the time, the film was considered one of the most profitable films of all time.

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