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Grammy-nominated Five for Fighting singer John Ondrasic says his new music video shows footage of the president Joe Bidenwithdrawal from Afghanistan Censored and removed by YouTube.

A search for the song on the video service shows a lyric video and a still image video that plays the tune, called ‘Blood on Your Hands’, but the controversial video posted by Ondrasik does not.

The singer, known for hits like “Superman” and “100 Years,” announced the removal of the video – which contains images of what he says.Taliban tyranny’ – on that Twitter Cause.

Ondrasic said he knew the video could strike a nerve, adding that he put up a ‘graphic warning’ disclaimer and said he agreed when YouTube bans child content.

Ondrasik wrote, ‘YouTube has removed the video for violating the ‘Graphic Content Policy’.

“Asked not to show that any artistic statement on Afghanistan would be grossly unfair to the victims of Taliban’s atrocities and would enable the Taliban to persecute 40 million Afghan civilians,” he said.

Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasic (pictured above) is attacking YouTube for deleting his new music video

As he previously stated, “YouTube removed the video after five days because it was increasing in reach, should anyone advocating for free speech and humanitarian causes.” That video had over 250,000 digital video hits.

He also accused YouTube of monetizing other videos containing similar misconduct to the Taliban, as he searched around the site for five minutes and found several.

,[This] Gives me reason to ask YouTube for clarification. Better yet, I ask them to repost the video that is raising money for high-risk Afghans, veterans’ welfare charities, and private organizations helping the hungry, desperate, and besieged Afghan refugee foundations. are doing. are saving. is attracting the attention of the population under,’ he concluded. ,

The song heavily criticizes Joe Biden (whom Ondrasik refers to as ‘Uncle Joe’), Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin’ (‘Winkin’ Blinkin’) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley (‘Willie Mill’). . , ,

Globemaster III evacuates about 640 Afghan nationals from Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 15, 2021

Ondrasik criticizes both Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley in ‘Blood on Your Hands’.

‘General Austin what a shame?’ Ondrasik asks. ‘Can you write Bagram without the wrong letters? Did Uncle Joe drip a drop in your veins?’

The song ends with a directive from President Biden: ‘We’ve got blood on our hands / Hey Joe, just an American / Asking what’s up.’

A YouTube Twitter account said: ‘We’ve passed it on for review. hang tight!’

Ondrasik has since posted the video to the more conservative-leaning site Rumble.

However, the singer originally stated that it is not a political song, despite criticism from the president and his two top State Department officials.

‘Artists have a great tradition of speaking their mind and calling their leaders for answers. Many of them have been an inspiration to me,’ he explained in a press release. “I understand this song may be viewed by some as a political attack, but those who follow me know that I am an American who has a history of calling both sides. ‘Blood on My Hands’ After listening, a friend said that she found the song politically neutral, but also morally dynamic. I hope the song will help demand accountability so that the American promise is not abandoned.’