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Last weekend, the Czech Republic’s seemingly invincible populist leader, Lady Babys, was unexpectedly defeated in her elections, after a previously divided coalition of centre-right parties against her. He had a simple, clear message: We can beat Babis.

These checks can be the success of opposition parties big impact in the field and beyond. For the past decade, strong leaders who despise democratic norms have come to power around the world. Now, opposition leaders are uniting, trying to form a unified front and oust populist leaders in the upcoming elections.

For example, in Hungary, six parties across the political spectrum are collaborating to oppose the party of right-wing leader Viktor Orbán, which has become a standard-bearer for “conservative democracy”. And in Poland, Donald Tusk, a former prime minister and president of the European Council, hopes to rally the main opposition party and often those who do not vote and lure the support of other opposition groups.

Worth quoting: “Populism is defeatable,” said Otto Ebel, head of the political science department at Masaryk University in the Czech city of Brno. “The first step in beating up a populist leader is to stifle individual egos and compromise in the interest of bringing about change.”

Five people were killed and two others were injured in an attack last evening bow and arrow used by a man In the Norwegian city of Kongsberg outside Oslo. Officials said it was the deadliest attack in Norway in a decade. A 37-year-old Danish man living in Kongsberg has been taken into custody.

The killings have left a country where murder extremely rare, as Norwegians waited to find out what had happened – and why.

“The incident has shocked us all” Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said. “The news is scary. I understand people are scared.”

The killings mobilized public services nationwide. Like the Ministry of Justice, hospitals were also put on alert. Special National Police units were called in, and helicopters circled around the scene of the attack. Across the country, Norwegian police, who are usually unarmed, were given special powers to carry weapons.

Inspiration: “It is natural to consider whether this is a terrorist incident,” said Ovind Aas, an assistant police chief. Investigators are not looking for associates.

A new study finds that people who have received the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine may be better off with a booster shot from Moderna or Pfizer-BioNtech.

People who received the single-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson followed by the Moderna booster shot Their antibody levels increased 76-fold within 15 days, while those receiving another dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine saw only a fourfold increase over the same period. And a Pfizer booster shot raised antibody levels 35-fold in Johnson & Johnson recipients.

Separately, the authorities in China have started Issuing third shots of vaccines to high-risk groups The country is racing to meet its goal of fully immunizing 80 percent of its population by the end of the year. WHO has recommended: extra dose For people over 60 who were vaccinated with vaccines made by the Chinese companies Sinopharm and Sinovac.

The pristine beach of Katoku, in southwestern Japan, is one of the last beaches in the country. Soon it will be filled with concrete To prevent erosion of the sea wall.

Even the most precious ecological treasures are struggling to escape Japan’s construction obsession, which has long been a response to natural hazards. The push for construction in rural areas is also an important source of economic incentive – although the scheme has isolated a small village.

“At a screening this year of the highly anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic science-fiction novel Denis Villeneuve”DuneHelen MacDonald, a contributing writer for The Times Magazine, caught her breath whispering “Oh, my God” over and over again.

“Afterwards,” she writes, “I walked with my head down the desert and the empty streets with burning dates, giant ships, monstrous sand worms, and the sense of wonder that the visions of the book were so exquisitely realized Were.”

Dune’s history is a graveyard of cinematic hopes, bringing despair and despair to others including David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. The director said, and taking Villeneuve’s book on the supernatural as close as possible to reality.

like stars Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, And Javier Bardem, “Dune” was three and a half years in production and cost approximately $165 million to build. Villeneuve rejected the latest proposals in CGI in favor of real desert landscapes in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates

“For my own mental sanity,” said the director, “to be able to propel myself back to the feeling I was looking for in isolation, introspection.”

Reading more about the film.



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