‘You can really, really do anything you put your mind to’: Cole Bennett


Music video director Cole Bennett has really built an empire all by himself. By the age of 22, he had directed over 300 music videos, some of which featured some of the industry’s most influential artists.

He found his passion at a very young age, precisely in high-school, to which he credits his “mindset” that he said helped him fuel his passion and find success.

“I think there are really two kinds of people: we have half full and we have half empty, but I also think there are people who like to be understood and there are people who like to understand, ” They said.

“People who are hugely understood, but still want to be understood more, are super inspirational,” he said.

Saying that his mindset helped him overcome many adversities, he shared an incident when he hosted a show with over 11,000 people. “They were there and it (the show) was happening all at once, it made me realize what happened because I was watching my mom over 11,000 people and it made me think that when I was on my Was watching Mom in that kitchen, you know, and she suggested the name Lyrical Lemonade and it was a moment. It just gave me the feeling that you can really really do anything you put your mind to , and I honestly believe wholeheartedly that I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t a glass-half-full kind of thinker.”

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