WSJ News Exclusive | Biden Urged to Act Swiftly on Ukraine Nuclear Plant

President Biden should take urgent action to make the deteriorating situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear-power plant an administration priority and demand an immediate inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency before its occupation causes a transnational radiological disaster, according to a private bipartisan letter to the White House from dozens of former senior government officials and nonproliferation experts.

The letter, signed by former U.S. government energy undersecretaries for nuclear security and assistant state secretaries for nonproliferation and arms control and seen by The Wall Street Journal, adds to pressure on Mr. Biden to do more to address Russia’s nearly six-month occupation of Europe’s largest nuclear plant, which has transformed the 6.7-gigawatt facility into a military base where employees deemed to be loyal to Ukraine have been shot and tortured. The intervention of 25 nonproliferation experts who served with Democrat and Republican administrations shows the degree of alarm in Washington at the situation at Zaporizhzhia, the first nuclear-power plant in history to be seized and occupied by an invading military force.