World – the new ‘bell’ of danger… China is making ‘cloud bomb’, more dangerous than atom, watch VIDEO – #INA – INA News Agancy – Bharat Times English News

China can never give up on its trickery. In the meantime, his new game has come out, it is going to challenge the nature as well. The self-styled godman of Beijing is building a cloud-bomb. If we consider the security of the earth and the future threats, then this is not a small bomb. Through this new bomb, China wants to grasp the infinite universe. Don’t underestimate Jinping’s cloud-bombs as ATOM bombs. These dragon bombs can become a catastrophe for other countries. Can hijack the weather of other countries. By blasting clouds, China is pouring money like water to make it rain without any weather. After all, why is the dragon intent on committing red tyranny on nature? What is Beijing’s new WAR plan? Watch this special report…

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