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The firing incident took place around 3.15 am local time.

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America (America) of Las Vegas (Las Vegas) in a hookah parlor on Saturday morning (hookah parlor14 people have received bullets in the firing. So far one person has died in this firing incident while the condition of two remains critical. Police Captain Dory Koren said that the firing took place at around 3.15 am local time and according to initial information, during a party going on there, the two sides got into an altercation and then they opened fire. Koren said that at present no arrest has been made in this case.

Earlier this month, two students were shot outside a school in the city of Richfield in the US state of Minnesota. One student was killed in this incident, while the condition of the other was critical. Police said that the student injured in the accident was admitted to a nearby hospital. Richfield Police reported that students were shot outside a Minneapolis school at around 12:07 pm. He said that the suspects fled the spot soon after firing.

A few days ago, in Texas, USA, a gunman killed four members of his own family, including a child. He shot himself before the policemen caught the accused. Police Chief Robert Johnson said the dead included a man and a woman in Corsicana, and a man and a child in Frost.

Shots fired in Washington hotel

A few days before the Richfield incident, there was a shooting at a hotel in Washington, where 1 woman was killed and 4 people were injured. Police said that in the incident of firing in a hotel located in a residential area, 5 people got bullets, after which they were admitted to the hospital. After the firing incident, the police became very alert and cordoned off the area for several hours. According to the information, gunshots were heard during the party in the hotel room, after which the officials were called to the spot at around 3.30 am local time. There are also many embassies where this incident happened.

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