Woman who killed neighbor’s cat with crossbow gets probation

Tawas City, Mich. (WNEM) An Eastern Tawas woman who shot her neighbor̵7;s cat with a crossbow has been sentenced to probation.

Iosco County Prosecutor Jim Bacarella said Taylor Shipman was sentenced on March 14 to two years’ probation under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA). Under HYTA, a person charged with a crime must be convicted and petitioned in court for “status” as a youth apprentice. If granted that status, the person will be placed on a probationary period. If they complete the term, the criminal conviction will not be recorded in their records.

Baccarella said Shipman also received 30 days in prison credit for one day, meaning she would only have to serve the remaining days if she breached probation. He was also ordered to pay $1,808 in court fees and fines.

Shipman pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after shooting his neighbor’s cat with a crossbow.

The owner, Erik Eriksson, previously told TV5 that on July 16, 2021, he found his cat, Oliver, injured on his front porch. His head and neck were pierced with a crossbow bolt.

The cat was still alive and spent three days at Tawas Animal Hospital.

After discovering Oliver, Erikson called several neighbors to see if any of them knew how his cat was shot. According to the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office, she said her neighbor admitted to her that she shot the cat with a crossbow in defense of their cats.