Winning gold medals won’t fix my problems, says Adam Peaty

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adam pt insisted that adding more gold medals to his already growing collection would not be the cure for his struggles.

three-time Olympic gold medalist withdrew from British float Referring to the championship last month mental health issues and later admitted that he did has been on a “self-destructive spiral”,

pete has already spoken about periods of depression and problems with alcohol, which he admits to having worsened in the last year as he struggled with injury, motivation and the breakdown of his relationship with the mother of his young son.

they still hope to go to paris Olympics The following year he looked for a third straight title in the men’s 100m breaststroke, but he was adamant that doing so would not be his silver bullet.

“A good friend of mine said a gold medal is the coolest thing you can wear,” PT told BBC Breakfast.

“It’s the coolest thing because you think it will fix all your problems. It doesn’t.

“I took a break because I was on this endless pursuit of a gold medal or a world record and I looked into the future and I said ‘well, if I get it is my life fixed or any better?’ No.

“So now take the time to really think about who you are, what you want from life and then go for the gold medal.

“Hopefully when I get to the Olympics I’ll be in a very good mindset, very grateful and most importantly happy.”