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Television coverage of live sporting action plays a vital role in this time of pandemic. When fans are not allowed inside the stadium to reduce infection, TV brings the game closer to the follower, to enjoy the thrill and spill that unfolds in between. The faraway country scene can leave a strong impression in the minds of the audience, especially the young fans who dream of following in the footsteps of its stars.

Virat Kohli shaking hands with Temba Bavuma at the crease, marking India’s acknowledgment of South Africa’s victory in the recently concluded three-Test series at Newlands, is a different scene that has marked the beginning of a cricket contest between the two competing sides. have led. Leave a positive impression on followers. Humility is no shame, greeting a winner is simply an acknowledgment of reality, a step towards improvement of course.

A day earlier, Kohli, speaking into the stump microphone, leaned forward to deliver a stern message, another different image that left the audience feeling uneasy. For influential young minds, Newlands’ ‘protest’ image is more likely to be registered and remembered than a ‘handshake’. Cricketers eyeing India in the SA series will wonder if it is okay to express dismay in this way, which goes against the technique used to decide on close cricketing decisions.

If the India captain can get away with an angry reaction, why can’t I? Many people would ask themselves. Match umpire Marais Erasmus gave his decision in real time, upholding bowler Ravichandran Ashwin’s appeal, but was later reversed. Ball tracking technology had proved Erasmus wrong, the umpire nodded in disbelief. Visitors were denied a breakthrough, in turn potentially affecting test results.

The question must be put to the dissidents, regardless of their stature in the game, what happens if another player expresses his objection verbally in another match? Satire on the pitch, anger at the official broadcaster, in this case SuperSport, could turn fans away from cricket due to avoidable controversy. Teams benefit from referrals by using new technology to reduce human errors. Decisions are viewed in slow motion in real time.

Television sport expects its players to set an example, so that the message going to the spectator or player, follower or fan is about accepting the match official’s decision and moving on. Disagreement is acceptable, but within limits. Team captains have their own way of pointing out the shortcomings of technique. Cricket will go nowhere on the road, mocking the stump camera in despair. Sporting action sourced from various sources offers viewers/followers many options.

Depending on skills and circumstances, players active today can become coaches tomorrow or administrators the day after tomorrow. Indian cricket has its own examples of former captains occupying responsible positions after retirement. As team captain, Kohli can guide the less experienced, or more enthusiastic teammates on duty in India about discipline. He is one of the successful Test captains of India, able to express his views in difficult situations and ruthless in analyzing his own and team’s fault.

Admitting that the open display of anger directed at the stump microphone was an over-reaction, apologizing for the negative message to the audience from Newlands would have been enough for Kohli to move on. Enthusiasts, followers and fans of the team he led in the longest format would have accepted this argument. There is no question about the value of his leadership in Test match cricket.

What happened to Kohli, the competitor the Australian loved to hate and secretly admire for refusing to take a step back in the heat of war? A gesture in the World Cup 2019 game against Australia at The Oval, the India captain received the ICC Spirit of Cricket award and appreciation from Australian legends. The beneficiary was one of his arch rivals, Steve Smith, another competitive cricketer who was ready to use every trick and gain an advantage.

A sideshow was seen near the boundary line in the India-Australia competition. The Indian skipper was earlier angered by Indian fans over his inciting Smith’s role in the Sandpapergate controversy, with the India skipper urging his team supporters to release the former Australia captain and later apologize on behalf of the fans. Smith, back in charge for the Ashes series in place of injured captain Pat Cummins, will be among those who wondered at Newlands’ ‘protest’ image.

Kohli’s passion for drifting batting, acrobatic slip catching and performance in Test cricket will ensure that cameras from different angles, from spider cameras in the sky to stump cameras close to the pitch action, will last for as long as he wants to play the competitive game. Be strong , stay focused. The Newlands match against South Africa was Kohli’s 99th Test match. Winning or losing is part of the game after giving more than 100 percent.

After relinquishing the captaincy, the Indian is one of those modern-day greats, dominating all three formats, which cricket needs to put a smile on people’s faces in times of crisis. In the absence of footfalls in massive stadiums, the game needs an eye ball until normalcy returns in the future. Despite the lapse in South Africa, Kohli has had enough time to ensure that his footprints enrich the game.

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