Why Jailer Director Nelson Dilipkumar Was Advised Against Making Rajinikanth Play His Age – News18

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Rajinikanth played his age in Nelson Dilipkumar’s Jailer unlike other films where he usually plays a younger character.

In a recent interview, Nelson shared how he was questioned about his creative choices before commencing work on the film.

One of the highest-grossing films of the year, Rajinikanth’s Jailer made enough noise at the box office. Directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, the film took the entire film industry by storm and the immense success of the film should be accredited to Thalaiva. However, the director of the film had significant doubts if he should project Rajinikanth as his age or let him do what he does best. In a recent interview, Nelson shared how he was questioned for his creative choices before commencing work on the film.

During a recent interview with Film Companion, Nelson Dilipkumar revealed how everyone opposed his vision of portraying Rajinikanth as an old person. Sharing how he did not let anyone muddle his vision, the director said, “This is the first time I made him play his age, that was the major doubt in me because people told me, ‘Don’t make him play his age. Let him do whatever he has done already. Don’t grey his hair.’ But I was like, even if it has to fail, let it be with my gut, I will take the blame. I didn’t want someone to confuse me.”

The director also added that it took him a month to shoot the pre-interval action sequence of the movie. He said that staging the particular scene where a dead body falls on the dining table where Rajinikanth can be seen sitting with his wife and daughter-in-law took him a lot of time. The director further shared, “I thought about staging that scene for a month. I wanted Rajini sir to be cool in that whole film. Rather than him fighting, whatever happens around him should be more interesting and never seen before in his films. I myself wrote the whole stunt and scripted the whole scene.”

Such was the doubt that the fight choreographer, even during the shooting, asked Nelson if it was okay that Rajini Sir was not doing anything. The director, in his interview, also addressed that the decision was not easy but he chose to go with his gut. As a consequence, he ended up delivering a massive hit.