Why is the Telegraph ignoring my play?

Mandrake dishes it out to the Daily Mail, but fair dos to them and their critic Patrick Marmion for reviewing Bloody Difficult Women at the Edinburgh Fringe. It described my play as “a tidily rendered account of Gina Miller’s legal bid to force a vote on leaving the EU during Theresa May’s premiership.”

Marmion goes on to talk about “a profane character assassination of a former editor of this newspaper,” by which he means the soon-to-be ennobled Paul Dacre, which he nonetheless judges to be “the most entertaining role” in the play.

Over at the Daily Telegraph – another of my former newspapers – their critic Dominic Cavendish has still to write a single word about Bloody Difficult Women, either during its London or Edinburgh run. When I gently inquired why on Twitter, the sensitive Cavendish promptly blocked me. Fellow critic Mark Shenton told me not to take it personally as Cavendish had blocked him, too.