Where to buy a PS5 in the UK and US today

Here’s where you can buy the elusive console

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Since its November 2020 launch, the PlayStation 5 has been notoriously difficult to get hold of, as pandemic-related supply chain issues slowed production to a crawl. Thankfully, the situation has improved, with PS5 bundles now readily available.

Today, PS5 bundles are available at Argos, CurrysEEVeryShopToStudioBaseScanBox and at some branches of Smyths Toys. Stock is running low at Game, while PS5 digital edition bundles are in stock at BT Shop for BT Broadband customers, as well as The Game Collection.

Because retailers prefer selling pricier bundles, standalone consoles are sparse and sell out quickly. While the standard edition PS5 is easy to snag, the cheaper digital edition is a bit more difficult to get your hands on.

Still hunting down a PlayStation 5? Bookmark this liveblog and watch out for our real-time restock alerts. We’ll help you find a PS5 – whether as part of a bundle, or on its own – and share the latest intel on the best games and accessories to buy, plus the latest game reviews.

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How to buy the cheaper PS5 disc edition today

The disc edition of the PS5 has been difficult to find for months now, but we’ve spotted a cut-price bundle at ShopTo. The retailer is selling the console with a Horizon Forbidden West for £409.85.

ShopTo also has the PS5 disc edition with the same game for £499.85. Adding a second Dualsense controller takes the price to £559.85. ShopTo also bundles the PS5 disc edition with a second Dualsense controller, but no games, for £509.85.


PS5 consoles available in-store at Smyths Toys

Buying a PS5 on your local high street has always been difficult. The situation still isn’t great, but we’ve spotted a few consoles available at branches of Smyths Toys this week. More specifically, the retailer has a £499.99 bundle with the PS5 disc edition with Horizon Forbidden West.

Not available online, this bundle is offered at a handful of Smyths stores across the UK, according to a stock-checker tool on the retailer’s website. As ever, it’s best to give your local branch a call, to check what stock levels are like, before visiting.


Currys has 14 PS5 bundles available today

Unlike Game, which appears to be running low on PS5 stock, Currys has loads of consoles available online. The retailer has 14 different PS5 bundles, all ready to buy today for home delivery. The prices of these has not yet been affected by Sony’s shock price rise, announced this morning, but that might soon change.

For now, the cheapest Currys bundle includes the PS5 disc edition, plus Horizon Forbidden West and an Arctis 7P+ wireless gaming headset for £599.

At the other end of the scale, Currys has a PS5 disc edition bundle with Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Lego Star Wars, a second Dualsense controller and the same Arctis headset for £729.


Game has almost run out of PS5 stock

Game has had a lot of PS5 bundles available for a while now, but as of this morning the retailer’s virtual shelves are almost empty. Game is offering a £514.98 bundle that includes the PS5 disc edition, a blue Dualsense controller and a ‘Player 1’-branded controller case.


Sony announces immediate PS5 price rise

We begin today with news that Sony has announced a price rise for both version of the PS5 console, effective immediately. The company posted on its blog this morning to say that, due to “the global economic environment,” the prices will be rising in the UK, as well as Europe, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada. Prices will also rise in Sony’s native Japan, but not until 15 September.

Sony said: “We’re seeing high global inflation rates, as well as adverse currency trends, impacting consumers and creating pressure on many industries. Based on these challenging economic conditions, Sony Interactive Entertainment has made the difficult decision to increase the recommended retail price”.

For UK readers, this means the price of the PS5 disc edition will increase from £449.99 to £479.99, and the cheaper digital edition increases from £349.99 to £389.99.

Sony says the changes are effective immediately, but because these are recommended prices, it will be interesting to see if retailers ramp up their prices today too, or soon after.


Good morning

Good morning and welcome back to another day of PS5 hunting. We start with good news, as quite a few retailers have consoles in stock and available for home delivery right now. Some retailers are running low, however, and buying a console on its own it still very difficult. The lesser-spotted PS5 digital edition is available at a couple of retailers, but remains difficult to find.

Stay tuned to this blog for live updates on PS5 stock levels as soon as we have them.


Live blog signing off

As we sign off for the evening PS5 console bundles are still available at GameArgos, CurrysEEVeryShopToStudioBaseScanBox and at some branches of Smyths Toys. PS5 digital edition bundles are in stock at BT Shop for BT Broadband customers, as well as The Game Collection

Individual consoles are still difficult to find, however, and the digital edition PS5 is in short supply. We’ll be back again tomorrow with all of the latest PlayStation 5 restocking news to help you secure your console.


Studio has these two PS5 bundles available today

Studio has a pair of PS5 bundles available to buy online today. The cheaper of the two is priced at £559.99 and includes a PS5 disc edition console, plus Horizon Forbidden West and a second Dualsense controller.

The other is £579.99 and includes the same console and Gran Turismo 7.


PS VR2 confirmed to release in early 2023

This week, Sony shared an update on its new virtual reality headset, called the PS VR2. And the good news is that gamers don’t have much longer to wait to get their hands on one. The company shared via Instagram that its next-generation headset will be arriving in early 2023.

Sony didn’t release much more information than that, so we’re still waiting to see how much it will cost, but it seems the company is all set to launch its VR headset early next year.

For everything we know so far about Sony’s next-generation PS5 VR headset, read the article below:


The best 4K TV for your new PS5

While we wait for the next PS5 restock, it’s time to think about upgrading your television. The PS5 outputs video at 4K resolution and can even handle games running at 120 frames per second. That’s something not all TVs can manage, so if you want to see your new console running at its best, a new TV could be worthwhile.

We’ve rounded up nine of the best 4K TVs available right now, from manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, among others. And the great news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great 4K television – prices of our favourites start at under £400.