When Kishore Kumar’s Bizarre Demand Left BR Chopra Stunned – News18

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A director went to court due to Kishore Kumar’s temperamental nature.

Once, Hrishikesh Mukherjee had gone to meet Kishore Kumar at his house but his watchman stopped him and sent him away.

Kishore Kumar is considered one of the most legendary singers in the Hindi film industry. He was not just a singer but also an actor and a director. But the singer was not just famous for his creativity. As per reports, he was also very arrogant, and there have been various instances where he has disrespected producers and filmmakers. In the 50s and 60s, he was such a huge star in Bollywood that many people were compelled to listen to his demands and behaviour. So, let’s look at some of the incidents where Kishore Kumar showed true examples of arrogance.

As per reports, Kishore Kumar did not like working under pressure. At times, he even used to insult those working with him. Once a renowned filmmaker, Hrishikesh Mukherjee had gone to meet Kishore Kumar at his house about a project, but his watchman stopped him from entering the house, insulted him and sent him away. Another incident was when producer HS Rawail also went to meet him to give him a payment. At that time, Kishore Kumar had put a ‘Beware of Dogs’ sign outside his residence. After giving the money, he started shaking hands with Kishore Kumar, and he put Rawail’s hand in his mouth and started biting it. Later, he told Rawail that he had already put a warning outside.

Apart from that, a director, who was quite troubled by Kishore Kumar’s temperamental and stubborn nature, had sought the help of the court. He formally obtained an agreement from the court so that if the singer did not obey him during the shooting, the makers could file a case against him. Another bizarre incident was when BR Chopra wanted the singer to work with him. Earlier, Kishore Kumar had gone to him for work, but BR Chopra had to put in various conditions and only then gave him work. To take revenge, even Kishore Kumar put forward a demand that BR Chopra would always have to wear a dhoti and eat paan before meeting him. These conditions were even accepted by BR Chopra.