What the papers say – June 16

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boris johnson And the publication of the Committee of Privileges report that said he had lied to Parliament dominated the front pages of Friday’s newspapers.

All but one of the national headlines take the lead in the report’s findings, but they have differing views on its conclusions.

daily Mirror There are no doubt former prime ministers with the simple title “Lair”, while Independent He is called “Boris the Liar”.

the same theme is repeated in Metrowhich goes back to the previous title when it asks whether a “proper Whopper” is enough to end his career, while I Says he “lied and lied and lied”.

And this financial Times Says that his “repeated lies to MPs” were denounced in what he calls the “Searing Report”.

Support remains for Mr Johnson daily Express adding that he had been “chased from Parliament” by “the most insidious stitch-up (in) the history of politics”.

the daily telegraph – The picture of Oscar-winning actor-turned-politician Glenda Jackson is one of several headlines to find space on its front page – says her allies in the Conservative Party have vowed to oust parliamentarians who vote to accept the report’s findings when it is debated on Monday.

echoed in a “Tory rebellion” daily Mail Joe calls the report’s calls for effectively barring Mr Johnson from parliament “vicious” and “vindictive”.

Guardian Announces “verdict on Johnson” and says he “misled Parliament, undermined democracy” and was “complicit in the abuse of MPs”.

And many times The Prime Minister focuses on supporters of Sage Sunak and declares it “the end of the road for Johnson”.

daily starMeanwhile, the former prime minister has been called a “liar”.

most different Sun which implicates Mr Johnson – and what they call “a protracted political murder” – on a short piece with the masthead as it focuses on the “sickening” news that serial killer Levi Belfield is to be married in prison has allowed.