‘We Don’t Need Devils, We’re Already Here’: Rashmi Gautam On Whale Slaughter Clip

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Rashmi Gautam shared the heartbreaking video of whale slaughter in Faroe Islands again.

Rashmi Gautam is a well-known anchor and animal lover who actively raises her voice against animal violence.

Rashmi Gautam is a well known personality in Telugu showbiz and has gained huge popularity as an anchor. When it comes to entertainment, Rashmi can be completely trusted. While there are many other budding hosts and anchors, Rashmi’s love for her craft makes her a fan favorite. Apart from the world of glamour, she is an animal lover and is quite active in raising her voice against animal violence.

Recently, Rashmi Gautam shared a video on Twitter of the bloody sea of ​​Faroe Islands, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The short clip shows the brutal killings of pilot whales and their calves. Later in the video, we can see the mammals scattered on the beach. During this people looked quite happy. While Twitter sparked divisive opinion on the whale slaughter, with some calling it cruel and shameful, others supporting it by calling it part of their culture.

“It was a past peice, we just had another peice, same species 50 pilot whales and babies, we have an ocean we better start to see,” read the caption.

Condemning the act, Rashmi re-shared the video and called the humans ‘devils’. “We don’t need freaks, we’re already here,” she tweeted.

A user was shocked to see the video and commented below his tweet, “Oh my god its really awesome to watch. Heartbreaker! If whales do the same for humans? We had power but it should be used for good works.

Another user wrote, “You are so true Rashmi, devils are not needed! We are worse off.

His tweet has been viewed 7,897 times on Twitter so far. But this is not the first time a celebrity has raised her voice. Earlier, she had re-shared a video of an “unnatural” looking wild cow, which looks extremely heavy and muscular, possibly due to some science experiments.