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Wave of hatred forces Australian Muslim group to cancel webinar with Taliban

Huge wave of hatred forces Australian Muslim group to cancel planned webinar with Taliban

  • Taliban figures to speak at Australian Federation of Islamic Council webinar
  • Saturday’s event was to discuss the ‘future of Afghanistan’ and Australia’s role
  • Widespread outrage and condemned by refugees and war veterans
  • The event was canceled on Thursday afternoon, the group’s chairman said

A major Muslim organization in Australia has canceled a live webinar that they have invited two top members Taliban speaking after public outcry

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils organized a line-up of chief guests to speak at Saturday’s online event, which aims to discuss the ‘future of the world’. Afghanistan And our role, whether we are in favor or against recent events.

Speakers included longtime Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen and senior figure Syed Abdul Basir Sabri.

Two top Taliban members have been invited to address Australian Muslims (pictured Taliban members in Afghanistan

On Thursday afternoon the AFIC released a letter saying the organization’s president, Dr Ratb Janid, had taken an ‘executive decision’ to cancel the event.

The group said it invited members of the Taliban to speak “to obtain assurances for the rights of minorities, women’s rights to employment and education, and to prevent Australians from traveling to the region with any ill-intentioned intention”. did.

“This event was not organized to legitimize any group or to offend any group,” Dr Janid said.

“The incident… generated both public and private support and criticism. In view of these developments, I have made an executive decision to cancel the event,” he said.

Longtime Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen (pictured) is among the speakers

Longtime Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen (pictured) is among the speakers

People were outraged by the news of the webinar.

2GB Breakfast host Ben Fordham expressed his displeasure on his show on Thursday, saying, ‘It’s absolutely horrifying and shouldn’t happen.

‘The Taliban are being given an opportunity to brainwash young Muslims right here in Australia.’

Afghan refugees from the Hazara minority were forced to flee the country in the 1990s, calling the incident “completely unfair”.

Refugee advocate Sitarah Mohammadi said, ‘It is really painful to see such faces at such a major event Australian.

‘Our people have suffered so much at their hands, and continue to do so today.’

Other speakers will include AFIC President Ratab Zenid, Australia’s National Grand Mufti Imam Abdul Quddus Al Azhari and Islamic legal scholar Mohamed Naqib Jan.

Mr Genid defended the incident, saying it was an opportunity for participants to find out what was happening in Afghanistan.

‘We have many families of Afghan background who are concerned for their loved ones in Afghanistan and would like to hear about the intentions of the government there.’ He told the publication.

The promotion of this Saturday's live webinar (pictured) has sparked outrage in the community

The promotion of this Saturday’s live webinar (pictured) has sparked outrage in the community

Taliban fighters reclaimed power in Afghanistan after the fall of the government in August as President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, ending a two-decade campaign by the US and its allies, including Australia, to transform the country.

Afghans, who supported Australian Defense Force soldiers for many years as translators, security guards and assistants, are still in the city and now face the prospect of imprisonment under Taliban rule.





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